Google Play Store with a new design: What Android users now have to pay attention to

Google is repainting the Play Store: The design that has been active for some users for a long time is now apparently being rolled out for all users. You can find out what to expect here.

The Google Play Store is probably the most important tool for Android users when it comes to downloading apps, games or audio books. It is therefore surprising that Google has only rarely equipped the store with new design adjustments in recent years. As the GoogleWatchBlog reports, however, a new interface is now being rolled out for all users.What is immediately noticeable: The hamburger menu at the top of the screen that has been typical for Google for years has been abolished. Instead, users can now find all important entries such as the installed apps, the settings or the help menu in a new menu that can be opened by clicking on the user image in the top right corner of the screen.

Google play store new design
Google Play Store

Google Play Store: This is what the settings look like from now on

Users can now also find a new arrangement in the settings themselves: Instead of a long list with all menu items, there is now a shorter list of top menu items that can be expanded and collapsed with a tap. These currently comprise a total of four generic terms: “General”, “User control”, “Family” and “Info”.Other minor changes in the Google Play Store concern, among other things, the search results, where the thumbnails are now slightly larger than before. At the same time, Google now seems to be playing more advertising here.

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