Opera GX goes incognito with “Panic Button”: say goodbye to prying eyes!

Opera GX

Opera GX is adding a curious function to its dynamics, which will help you prevent others from knowing what you were doing in the web browser.

A function that you can easily activate in the browser, and that could be useful to you on more than one occasion. We tell you what it is about.

A “panic button” in Opera GX

Opera GX’s special features not only make it a web browser for gamers, but it can also be the favorite option for any user who enjoys its dynamics.

A dynamic that now offers a plus thanks to its new function: a panic button. A feature that you will not find in any other web browser, and that can save you from prying eyes.

The Opera team knows that users tend to get glued to little games or YouTube videos when they shouldn’t, such as during work or study hours, and they intend to help them with the new function.

No, not only is it a function that will help you combat this habit, but it aims to save you from those awkward moments when your parents or your boss show up.

A keyboard shortcut that will save you from prying eyes

So that they don’t discover that you are not doing your job, Opera GX allows you to use a keyboard shortcut that will not leave a trace of the use you were giving to the web browser:

[…] you can quickly press the F12 key and the panic button will be activated. This quickly mutes and pauses playback of all tabs and forces a new window of completely bland, “safe” content to open, keeping your secrets safe for another day.

Yes, by simply pressing F12, the game or video you were watching in the web browser will disappear, and it will automatically move to a “safe tab”. You can choose any website you want to serve as this secure tab, or you can choose one of the options suggested by Opera GX. For example, Wikipedia.

And when you want to go back to what you were doing, just use F12 again. One detail to keep in mind is that you need to activate the “Early Bird” option in the web browser settings for the panic button to be enabled.


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