Google Magic Compose: AI messaging now available in beta

Google has launched a revolutionary new feature, Magic Compose, that promises to transform the way we interact with our text messages. This AI-powered feature is designed to help you compose your text messages in a more efficient and personalized way.

What is Google Magic Compose?

Magic Compose is a feature of the Google Messages app that uses artificial intelligence to suggest responses to your text messages. This feature, which is currently in its beta phase, has the ability to send up to 20 past messages to Google’s servers to generate reply suggestions.

It is important to note that this feature can be used even if you are using RCS with end-to-end encryption (E2EE). However, while Magic Compose will send your messages to Google’s servers, the company claims that it can’t read them.

Magic Compose is available as a priority to premium Google One subscribers in the US who are also part of the Messages beta program on the Play Store. This is similar to how the company gives priority access to Search Labs to its premium Google One subscribers.

How does Google Magic Compose work?

When you have access to the feature, you will see a chat balloon next to the app’s message composer. From there, you can choose a suggested response, and then continue to rewrite the text using various preset styles, such as “relaxed,” “excited,” or “Shakespeare.”

At the moment, the feature only seems to be available with RCS messaging, and there’s no word on when it might support SMS/MMS.

Privacy and Google Magic Compose

Despite the advantages that Magic Compose offers, it is important to keep some privacy considerations in mind. Google has clarified that conversation data used by Magic Compose is not retained and suggested replies are not retained after they have been provided to the user. Once you disable Magic Compose, Google will not send your messages to its servers.

The introduction of Google Magic Compose marks a significant step in the evolution of intelligent messaging. Although still in its beta phase, this feature promises to transform the way we interact with our text messages, offering suggested responses that are both efficient and personalized. However, it is essential to keep privacy considerations in mind when using this feature.

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