Google Fuchsia finally debuts and arrives at the Nest Hub

The rumors and facts about Google Fuchsia, the new operating system from Google, prowling take time, but now when the platform starts to become a reality palbable.In fact, Google Fuchsia is landing on the first-generation Nest Hubs that were launched in 2018. A software update will replace its Linux-based ‘Cast OS’ operating system with Google Fuchsia, but rest assured: for users it will not change the user experience.

A small step for Google Fuchsia and big step for Android?

We have been tracking Fuchsia for a long time, an Open Source project that Google curiously kept open but on which it barely offered official comments.

The proposal has varied, but the indications suggest that Google Fuchsia will take over from Android at some point. That is an enormously difficult goal to achieve given the popularity of Google’s mobile platform, but it seems that little by little those intentions are making sense.

Google Fuchsia
Google Fuchsia

They certainly do it with this first deployment: Fuchsia will arrive first at the first generation Nest Hubs, which were presented in 2018. A software update will make their operating system – which is not Android, but ‘Cast OS’, derived from Linux— is replaced by Fuchsia, which thanks to its Flutter support will allow to offer exactly the same user experience that these devices already offered.

Google wants to take it easy, and it certainly seems the right way to deal with a potential change of era in which Fuchsia will be gaining more and more prominence.

It seems that of course the focus of this platform will be for the moment on products more from the internet of things than on mobile phones or laptops, but it is evident that Google is interested in not depending on Linux (as it happens with Android) and being able to control in a way your software ecosystem even clearer. Fuchsia is one way to achieve something like that.

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