Google Docs new features works better with longer documents

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A new function that will allow you to scroll through the document hiding blocks and parts of the document that you are not interested in seeing at the moment. We tell you the details.

Google Docs allows you to minimize or expand blocks within a document

Not all the content we generate in a document is the same. Sometimes we just need to write an essay, a draft of an article, a contract, etc. And other times, the document becomes a succession of items and forms that are repeated.

In these cases, scrolling through the document can be an ordeal. However, it is a problem that already has a solution thanks to the new Google Docs update, which will allow us to minimize or expand blocks within our document, with what it calls “collapsible headers”.

“Collapsible Headers”, the new Google Docs

It is a dynamic similar to that used with a table of contents, but with specific sections within the document. For example, if you have created a checklist section for each day in your document, you can hide the items from the previous days so that only the to-dos from the remaining days of the week are visible.

Or you may want to minimize a larger block, like your schedule for last week, so that only everything you have scheduled for the rest of the month is visible. It is a practical dynamic that you can customize according to your criteria or needs.

As the Google team mentions, only document editors will be able to change how these “collapsible headers” are displayed. So if you’ve been added to a document as a reader or commenter, you won’t be able to make changes that change the text for others, but you’ll be able to minimize or expand sections according to your preferences.

This is a new dynamic that will reach all users with personal Google accounts, so you just have to wait for the update in Docs to see how it works.

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