Google adding artificial intelligence to its search engine

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Today Google Bard is completely independent from the Google search engine, but this situation is temporary, given that Google has confirmed the integration of its chatbot with artificial intelligence in its browser sooner rather than later, a measure that can change the user experience. considerably.

The information comes from none other than Sundar Pichai, who confirmed it in a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal. The CEO of Google stated that he will soon incorporate his Artificial Intelligence language model into the Google search engine. Of course, he did not specify a date for his arrival, specifying that Google is in the testing phase, testing the performance of the search engine with follow-up questions after an initial consultation, which gives an idea of ​​the progress of those from Mountain View.

Bard in the Google search engine: a revolutionary implementation

Bard is still in the testing phase, with a waiting list to sink his teeth into, restricted access to some countries and as we were able to verify during his debut, he is still green: the failures during his presentation not only tarnished the event, but also affected Google on the stock market. Precisely its current state invites us to think that either Google steps on the accelerator to the maximum, or we will still have to wait before a change of this magnitude in its crown jewel.

It also didn’t spell out how the integration will work, but Microsoft’s ChatGPT Bing search feature is a good example of how AI-powered Google search would work.

This will be a revolutionary change from Google as we know it. The Bard chatbot lives on a separate and independent website that does not interact with the search engine, the true bulwark of big tech. And it is that the internet dances to the sound of Google’s algorithms to properly position itself in the list of websites that it returns to us when we google something.

But by implementing Google Bard in the search engine, it will be the artificial intelligence and its respective training (with biases and limitations) who determine the information that is relevant and which websites it will use as a source to return the answers to users. Be that as it may, SEO is going to change enormously.

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