Genshin Impact gears up for winter by dating update 2.3 with new trailer

It has been a month since miHoYo released its last update, and as is tradition in the successful ARPG, we already have a date for its new update, which will arrive on November 24, and it has done so accompanied by a trailer where we can take a look to much of the news that ” Shadows of Snow and Dust ” will bring to Genshin Impact.

Update 2.3, Shadows of Snow and Dust, will arrive on November 24

The new challenges will take us to the frozen mountain of Espinadragó, a huge mountainous area covered by a thick blanket of perpetual snow and battered by extreme weather. In it we will have to investigate the disappearances of animals in Inazuma, accompanied by Albedo, Eula and other companions capable of withstanding the intense cold.

We will meet the new playable characters, Arataki Itto and Gorou

We will also meet two new playable characters, Arataki Itto and Gorou. The new five stars, Arataki Itto, is a warrior who runs oni blood, wields a huge sword and with the power of Geo, he will launch attacks charged with supernatural force, being able to transform into an enraged oni king, increasing his offense and reducing his elemental and physical resistance.

For his part, Garou is a four-star character who also has a Geo vision, albeit with a bow as a weapon. As a general of Watatsumi Island, he is able to empower his comrades in combat when he is alongside other Geo characters in the party. Both characters will have legendary missions. In addition to our new allies, we will face a new boss, the Golden Stalker King, along with his subordinates, the Stalking Hound and the Stalking Cub.

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