Nintendo’s Game Builder Garage helps you to create your own video game

Game Builder Garage is the new Nintendo title that will be released in June and that has a special dynamic.

This new game for Nintendo Switch, as a visual programming tool, will teach you basic concepts for video game development with the help of very nice characters.

Nintendo teaches you to program and create video games

This new game from Nintendo designed for kids and beginners combines interactive lessons and guided tutorials to teach programming and game development. And of course, in the Nintendo style, with very nice and funny characters, effects and many colors to make learning simple and fun.

Although Game Builder Garage offers some basic games, such as races and mazes, you can create any type of game based on the basic concepts that you will see in the different lessons. For this, different modalities have been created.

If you choose “Lesson Mode” you will be able to follow the games offered by Nintendo step by step, so that you can carry out the process from scratch. And if you want to be free to design your own games, you can opt for “Free programming”. And of course, you can use the option you prefer to interact with the characters and follow the lessons, either through the Joy-Con controls, a USB mouse or a touch screen.

You can see a preview of the dynamics he proposes in this video:

Another option that this Nintendo proposal will provide is that you can share the games you are creating with your friends. A dynamic that can be carried out through Nintendo Online. Once your friends download your game code, they can play it, see how you’ve designed it, and even use it as the basis for their own games.

Game builder garage
Nintendo Game Builder Garage

So open up a world of possibilities for you to learn, play and create video games with your friends. Game Builder Garage, which will be exclusive to Nintendo Switch, will launch on June 11 at about $ 29.99.

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