Google Bard’s New YouTube Feature: AI-Powered Video Summaries

Google Bard
  • Google has presented an update to its generative artificial intelligence capable of “watching YouTube videos” and extracting the information you request.
  • All this happens without clicking Play, which is a problem for the YouTubers who created the video, because they do not get views or advertising income.

Tired of wasting your life watching filler material on YouTube, just for the two minutes that interest you? Google Bard can now “watch” YouTube videos, extract data, and summarize the content.

A real nightmare for influencers who dream of being recognizable, or who live off views and advertising. Now Google Bard artificial intelligence can make it so your followers don’t need to watch your videos to take advantage of your content.

It is obvious that a good part of YouTube videos have a large amount of filler, to lengthen their duration and thus the amount of advertising that is shown, and what is earned for it. If Google Bard can extract the information you are looking for without having to see them, it will save us a lot of time.

Google Bard and YouTube videos

Google Bard is still far behind ChatGPT, but it has one important advantage: the large number of Google services that half of humanity uses. Integrating Bard into Gmail, YouTube, Drive, Google Docs, etc. will make users use Google AI instead of ChatGPT.

And that’s it. It already integrated Google Bard into YouTube experimentally in September, but it was a very basic integration. Now, on the blog, they announces an update that allows Bard to “watch” the video, extract data, and summarize the content.

Google gives some examples: you are following a recipe from a video, and you don’t remember how many eggs it had. Instead of searching for it in the video, you can ask Google Bard to do it. Or in a DIY video, to remind you if you need to sand or varnish first…

Google’s focus is clear: help users take advantage of videos, without stopping them from watching them. Or as they put it: “Users want deeper engagement with YouTube videos, and a richer conversation with Bard about it.”

But as The Verge has verifiedyou can use Bard to avoid watching the video. They have asked Bard for a step-by-step video of a recipe, and he has obtained the list of ingredients and the complete preparation, without having to press Play, and without seeing advertising.

It is a function that, without a doubt, YouTubers who live off having their videos seen are not going to like it . Google will have to balance it, because it is throwing stones at its own roof.

At the moment this feature can only be tested as a Labs experience, only in the United States. But there is no doubt that the ability of artificial intelligence to watch videos for you and extract everything interesting, without you having to watch said videos, represents a serious problem for influencers who make a living from their image, or from people watching their videos.

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