How to change the Social Security phone number

social security phone number
  • Having the correct telephone number within the Social Security data is necessary, not only for communication, but also in other ways.
  • Modifying the telephone number in Social Security is not as difficult as it may seem to you.

All those individuals who have a Social Security affiliation number will be able to change the telephone number or some other data that is significant, especially if it affects communication between the Administration.

The change can be extremely important on specific dates where the Administration has to rule on some type of requirement or document that you have presented, to give you an example.

You will have several ways to identify so that it is known that it is you who is trying to access your data, something positive, since the more opportunities, the more varied options to change registered data.

Now you will see how to change the phone number in Social Security, it is not complicated, there are only certain security measures, since they are relevant data.

Why change the phone number in Social Security?

The data that the Administration has for each person can change, something that also happens to the phone number. But as you well know, every citizen is obliged to ensure that his or her information is updated, something that this information encompasses.

Some of the most common reasons for changing your Social Security number are:

  • Update due to change : obviously, if you have changed your phone number and the one you had in Social Security is no longer yours, it is normal to update this information in case there is any type of requirement.
  • Any communication: important communications normally come by certified mail, but there are times when, as a reminder, you call by phone. If it is not updated, this will not be effective.
  • Certain services : There may be services where you need the phone number to be your own in order to access them. If it is outdated, unfortunately you will not be able to enter.

Technical requirements to do it online

In order to be able to change the telephone number at home and online, as you will know in a moment, you need some requirements to be able to achieve it.

That is, a series of technical minimums to effectively achieve the change you propose.

Supported operating systems: 

  • Windows 7 or higher 32/64 bit or higher.
  • Mac OSX 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11, 10.12 or higher.
  • Linux. Any version with support for web browsers, only with a centralized certificate (Cl@ve).

Web browsers compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer v.9 or higher, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari.

In addition, it is also important to know that some signature systems used in the services of this Electronic Office require having the Java Virtual Machine (JRE) installed.

How to change the phone number in Social Security

Now is the time when you will be able to change the Social Security telephone number from your computer and without much complication.

The steps for this change of telephone number in Social Security are basic, easy and on top of that they will not take you much time:

  • At this time you should look for where it says Change and telephone and email communication.
  • When you click, a drop-down menu opens in which you must leave In your own name and click on Get Access.

Then you come to a part where it will allow you to identify yourself in several different ways. This is done so that everyone has the right option for their needs.

  • Permanent Cl@ve : it is a system through which you enter many of the public Administration headquarters, which must be requested and is permanent, that is, it is valid forever.
  • CL@ve PIN : there is a type cl@ve that is a PIN and is not permanent, it is only valid for a certain time.
  • Via SMS : opting for this system requires that you still have the phone that is registered with Social Security and can receive SMS.
  • DNIe or certificate : this is the system for those people who have a functioning electronic DNI or for those who have a Digital Certificate that is valid for Social Security.

After entering, using the system you have chosen, you will see that you enter a new window where you can modify both the telephone number of your residence and your mobile phone.

But you can also manage if you want to receive SMS communications, you can modify the email, as well as data from electronic services.

Once you have finished changing the number or data you want, all you have to do is click Confirm.

From there you will have already changed the telephone number in Social Security and you will have the data completely updated, just in case.

Changing the phone number in this part of Administration has been extremely simple and quite fast.

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