This is the first game to combat attention deficit disorder

With this game, Akili Interactive will try to combat this attention deficit disorder and at the same time have fun playing for a while, benefiting from it.

It may be that EndeavorRx does not excel in graphic quality or gameplay , but that is not important once you take a look at what is proposed. Akili Interactive’s game focused on being more of a therapy method has broken the schemes of many by becoming the first video game that can be prescribed by doctors against attention deficit disorder in the United States.

EndeavorRx , RX being the medical notes for your prescription, is a game for iPhone and iPad mobile devices , it can be legally prescribed by doctors . The game is designed for children between the ages of eight and twelve who suffer from this disorder, since the game has been in the creative process for six years until it has received the approval.

The most favorable study has shown that one in three children on medical tests “has stopped suffering from disorders of this type in at least one objective of care”, after playing Endeavor for 25 minutes a day , five days a week for four weeks uninterruptedly.
Although, while the study has shown that gambling could help combat the effects of attention deficit, the results are not comparable to traditional methods with the right medication. The latter’s conclusions warn that the results “are not sufficient to suggest that AKL-T01 – Endeavor’s treatment – should be used as an alternative to those established and recommended for treatments in these cases.”
The game itself focuses on dodging obstacles and picking up objects , but Endeavor claims that it is “different from other action games that a child would play”, with a time trial that does not hinder its gameplay. “The game treatment has been scientifically designed to challenge the child’s brain to pay attention and focus on multiple tasks at once.”
Although the EndeavorRx description on its website specifies all of this, it does not go into detail about how the design is different from other objective sets. Although the approval of the game is a great step for some games to be considered as beneficial in therapy, and not only those with medicinal uses.

Ubisoft , on the other hand, is currently working on a prescription game designed to treat amblyopia , or as it is commonly known as “lazy eye,” in a collaboration with the medical company Amblyotech.

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