‘Fall Guys’ will use same system as ‘Fortnite’ to get rid of cheats

The ‘Fall Guys’ developers announced that they will implement the same ‘Fortnite‘ system to get rid of cheats.

Fall Guys
Fall Guys

Fall Guys is the sensation of the moment. Within a month of its launch, the game has already become the most downloaded in the history of PlayStation Plus and currently holds the first position in the Top 10 sales on Steam. That popularity has also generated one of the big problems: the presence of cheaters.

Following complaints from the community, the developers released a letter apologizing for the issue and promised to resolve it within the next two weeks. Through an update on Twitter, Mediatonic revealed that they will implement the anti-cheat system that Fortnite uses.

“We are so sorry for the cheating problem!

We will expand the current detection system this week to improve things. We also have a BIG update in the coming weeks that will add the same anti-cheat [system] that games like Fortnite use.

Thanks for putting up with us! “

The situation with cheaters has escalated on social networks and Reddit, where videos of people flying and reaching the goal are shared to eliminate the rest of the competitors in a few seconds

Gary Whitta, screenwriter for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, responded to the developers that it’s no fun watching his eight-year-old make it to the end of Fall Mountain only to have someone fly in and take the crown in five seconds.

‘Fall Guys’ will use the same cheats system as ‘Fortnite’, ‘Apex Legends’ and ‘Gears 5’


With this promise, Fall Guys will implement Easy Anty-Cheat, the same anti-cheat system used by games like Apex Legends, For Honor, Paladins, and Gears 5, to name a few. Epic Games uses Easy in its online game service Epic Online Services, based on Fortnite, which it offers to other developers regardless of the game engine they use.

According to the product page, Easy Anti-Cheat is non-invasive and does not include intrusive software. In practice this translates into fewer hacking attempts and false positives, allowing for a healthier community.

Currently Mediatonic uses a cheat detection system that does not require players to individually report those who violate the rules. Shortly before the details of its second season were known, the developers discovered that some cheaters were taking advantage of the “Share with family” option to get rid of the Steam ban system.

Season 2 is coming to PS4 and PC in October

Fall Guys Season 2 will arrive in October on PlayStation 4 and PC and will take us back to the Middle Ages. The game will receive new scenarios with multiple obstacles that will be able to test the skills of the players.

It is expected that Fall Guys will land on iOS and Android in the future, although at the moment only one version for China is confirmed. Regarding Nintendo Switch and Xbox One there are still no details. Mediatonic announced only season 2 at the last Gamescom, killing the illusions of many who expected to see it on the Nintendo console.

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