Facebook cheating TikTok video strategy

Facebook cheating TikTok

All the problems that TikTok is experiencing in recent times ( ban in India , and probably in a short time also in the US ) are leaving the river of the video format in social networks churning. And there are multiple fishermen trying to make a profit on it. Tech giant Facebook cheating TikTok video strategy in its Facebook app.

In fact, although we do not know if it was planned before the legal problems of its Chinese competitor began, Facebook itself has begun to test a new ‘Short videos’ function in its mobile app.

Some users of the Android version have started to see a section that appears integrated in their Newsfeed and that allows the user to perform the ‘swipe up’ to go to the next video, typical of TikTok.

This section also has an interface very similar to that of TikTok , with the ‘likes’ and comments located in the lower right corner. The music recording and aggregation functions are also strongly reminiscent of the ByteDance app.

These are accessed through the ‘Create’ option located at the top: upon accessing we found a new Facebook camera with a description that reads “Create and share short videos, and explore new ways of expressing yourself.”

A mere experiment, or a strong bet from Facebook?

A few days ago, the social media expert Matt Navarra was one of the first to detect the experiment that Facebook has launched, and the Indian website NDTV also indicates that it has detected that several users in his country have access to this function . In any case, it is unknown if Facebook is determined to implement it globally.

The funny thing is that Facebook is testing another ‘TikTok-like’ function in another of its social networks : the new Instagram ‘Reels’ , an app that already has experience copying competitors (in that case, Snapchat, which ended winning on his ground ).

Zuckerberg’s company knows that there are numerous content creators who want to continue growing in followers and in monetization capacity and that, when they are seen without access to TikTok, they will look for another platform to continue broadcasting their videos. Either through Facebook or through Instagram, Facebook Inc seems determined to be the provider of it. Facebook don’t others to go ahead of it. Facebook is jealous of the world leading shortcut video app and Now Facebook cheating TikTok video strategy within Facebook.

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