Epic Games offered Sony 200 million to exclusively publish their video games on PC, according to their leaked documents

The trial between Epic Games and Apple and the leaked documents of the first of these companies is leaving us with some most surprising news. The last of them, as we can read in The Verge, is that Epic Games wanted to convince Sony and Microsoft, among other studios, to publish their video games exclusively on the Epic Games Store.

Without going any further, one of the pages of these documents shows that the creators of Fortnite offered 200 million dollars to Sony in order for between four and six of its main video games to go on sale only in its digital store in PC, which would have been a serious blow to the table against Steam.

At first it could be said that the negotiations did not come to fruition. You just have to see that Death Stranding and Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition also went on sale in the Valve store, just as Days Gone plans to eventually reach both the Epic Games Store and Steam.

Something that can also be observed is that Epic Games tried to convince Microsoft with the same purpose, but in the document there is a response that indicates that “their leader of Xbox Game Pass on PC is against what we are doing“, adding incidentally, “they are effectively competing against us for content.”

Epic video games store, Fortnite

There is no doubt that Epic Games wanted to go all out to make the Epic Games Store the best it could be, because apparently the company believed that it could earn about $500 million if all the games on rival platforms were available in its store. digital. However, the absence of some key titles is what has led him to declare that “it is an obvious hole in our catalog on PC”, so we will see what his next move is to try to get ahead.

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