Eight Windows 11 Questions Microsoft Hasn’t Resolved Yet

The Microsoft Windows 11 event left a good taste in the mouth overall. Yes, it is true that many comments on social networks spoke of a facelift or rehash, but the truth is that Microsoft proved to have done more than round the edges of the windows, and gently apply a new visual style, which is what we expected from Windows 10 Sun Valley or Windows 10 21H2. There are a lot of Windows 11 questions which are still unknown about new version.

However, despite being focused on a single operating system and not being a very brief event, Microsoft left us certain doubts that we will not be able to see until we test the builds for Insiders that have arrived as of today.

What about the Control Panel

Windows 11 questions about control panel
Control Panel

One of the most anticipated functions in Windows 10 and now in Windows 11 is to see a settings application that brings together absolutely all the system settings. Yesterday we could see very in passing to “Settings” completely redesigned. However, we cannot know if the old Control Panel will still exist and be necessary.

That it exists but is never opened would be a good toll to pay for the sake of compatibility, but the bad thing is that in Windows 10 there were many old panels such as Windows Sounds that depended directly on it.

Processors supported (for real) and the system will run on

The mess of the minimum hardware requirements with Windows 11 is tremendous, to the point that there are contradictory versions, Microsoft vice presidents who say that the application to check the availability gives wrong information, voices that speak that the list of compatible processors is only an indication for manufacturers (OEMs), etc.

The reality is that days after the event we are waiting for a response that the company has promised to clarify the situation , without knowing if very powerful equipment such as those that equip an i7-7700K (or a 6700K, etc.) will be able to move the system officially and with medium. All this, in case it was not little with the requirement of TPM 2.0 / 1.2.

What File Explorer are we going to see in the final version

Windows 11 file manager
File Manager

During the event, Microsoft only showed some parts of the system. And, among them, there was not one of the most important, the File Explorer. Later, the Redmond people posted on YouTube a video about the interface design in which you can see the Windows 11 File Explorer.

It is observed that they do not have the classic Ribbon button arrangement, and it is very clean, more classic too. However, the tabs are missed, which by now should have reached the system.

What about dark mode

Windows 10 has had dark mode since 2015, but in line with the rest of the system, it has been inconsistent. Microsoft seems to have refined Windows 10’s dark mode a lot, but it hasn’t shown us yet that all interfaces appear dark when we turn it on.

And we are not only talking about differences between windows, but even between menus of the same window that is displayed in dark mode. We also do not know if the system will change mode from a specific time, as can be programmed in macOS.

How much does a license cost if you don’t upgrade from Windows 10

In the Microsoft blog we could read that Windows 11 will be a free update for all Windows 10 users. But, what happens with the prices of the licenses if we want to install Windows 11 on a PC that we mount?

At the moment we do not know anything more than that, and we will have to wait longer to find out, because it is something that Microsoft probably will not communicate until the official launch of the system.

What versions of Windows 11 are there

Probably, in the middle of 2021, one of the most irrelevant things about Windows should be its versions. We are not in those years when there were computers so little powerful that a Windows 7 Starter was needed for netbooks, nor are the uses between individuals who use the Home version and corporate users who use the Pro version are so disparate.

In the filtered version of Windows 11 we could see the same versions as there are of Windows 10, but since a lot has changed since that compilation that was practically Windows 10, we will not know until Microsoft officially announces the versions.

The role of Windows 11 in ARM

Windows 11 arm support
Windows 11

Windows 10 on ARM has probably been one of the great milestones of the system in its six-year history. However, since its inception, and mainly due to insufficient hardware, the reality is that this variant of the system has not finished exploding, and Apple, for example, has shown that with Rosetta 2 it is capable of making a more efficient emulation. in every way the x86 (and recently x64) emulation we’ve seen on the system for ARM.

Microsoft must put all the meat on the grill in this system, because the future is for these low-consumption but increasingly powerful processors. Remember that there are developers who spent a year trying to upload native ARM64 applications to the Store.

Android applications: their installation and operation

With the native execution of Android applications in Windows 11 we are before the great surprise of the new system. At the same level of surprise is the fact of having reached an agreement with Amazon to have the Android applications from the Amazon Appstore in the Windows Store. Miguel de Icaza, a Microsoft worker, has confirmed that there will be side loading, that is, that we will be able to install applications obtained outside the Store.

From there, there are questions about how the applications will work, in the sense of, for example, how they will adapt to the different spaces of the system when maximizing or adjusting the size.

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