How to repair corrupted microSD card

fix corrupted microSD card

If you have corrupted microSD card, before discarding it, you can try to fix it with the solutions that you will see in this article. Better to keep it than not having to buy a new one.

MicroSD cards are very popular as they can be incorporated into a large number of products. Not only to smartphones or tablets, but also speakers or cameras.

The problem is that this type of microSD memory is quite fragile and unreliable, which often breaks down, much more than many of us would like.

Although these microSD errors are something that is common, the truth is that they can usually be solved quite easily in most cases, since they tend to be quite common problems in this type of device.

That is why today I am going to tell you how to fix a microSD that has been damaged, seeing what are the most frequent errors and the solutions so that everything works correctly again.

What is a microSD?

A microSD is a small flash memory card format that was developed by SanDisk and adopted by the SD Card Association in July 2005 .

The measurements are 15 x 11 x 1 millimeters, with an area of ​​165 square millimeters, three and a half times smaller than a miniSD.

Within the microSD there are different types with different codes that represent the amount of storage they have.

SDSCStandard Capacityup to 2 GB of data
SDHChigh capacity32GB of data
SDXCExtended Capacityup to 2TB

microSD cards also differ in class, which indicates write speed. They can be of various classes as you can see in the following table:

class 22MB/slow resolution videos
class 44MB/s720p HD videos
class 66MB/s720p HD videos
class 1010MB/s1080p Full HD videos
UHS Speed ​​Class 1 (U1)10MB/sFull HD videos at 1080p
UHS Speed ​​Class 3 (U3)30MB/svideos in 4K resolutions

Most common problems in microSD

The first thing you should know are the main errors that occur in a microSD, so that it is easier for you to identify them and, therefore, get the best solution to each problem.

Basically, the errors in such a card are usually the same, so it will not be difficult to find solutions:

  • Format errors: This can happen for many reasons, such as removing the card while it was in use.
  • Write protection errors : the normal thing in these cases is that the card allows you to access the data, but does not allow you to write anything inside it.
  • Defective card reader : sometimes the microSD is not to blame and all the error comes from having a reader that does not work, something that usually occurs more frequently in computers.
  • The microSD card is not detected : This error usually happens mostly on computers, although it also happens on cameras. That is, devices where the card is usually taken out and put back in a lot.
  • Driver problems : having outdated drivers or firmware, in addition to being incompatible, can also be decisive for the malfunction of the card.
  • Corrupt file system – This error can be caused by many circumstances such as improper ejects, power interruptions, and software glitches.
  • Physical damage – If you see that it has bent pins or any damaged connectors, then it seems clear why the microSD is not working.

Solutions to repair corrupted microSD card

Obviously, teaching you all the possible solutions to the problems that a microSD card can suffer is going to be complicated.

However, analyzing the most common ways to fix a microSD will be very useful for you, because it is normal that among all of them there is the solution to your problem.

Try another microSD card reader

This is the first solution that you should try before anything else. It is essential to determine if the error comes from the card itself or if, on the contrary, what you have to worry about is the reader on your computer or on another device.

If the problem is with the card reader , you may just need to update your drivers, although in the most extreme cases it might be necessary to replace it with a new one.

Format card

If you find that your card has lost its format, then you will have no choice but to format it to make it operational again. You must be clear that this formatting will cause you to lose everything you have stored permanently.

The way to format will depend on the operating system, so it is best to know how you can do it in the two main ones such as Windows and Mac.

If our computer is Windows, we will format it as follows:

  • Open a File Explorer window , by right-clicking on the microSD card and selecting the Format option.
  • Now, in the Format window, select exFat or Fat32 as the file system.
  • You can put a name for the drive in the Volume label box.
  • Remember that the Quick Format box is checked.
  • Next, it is time to click on Start

If what you have is a Mac, the way to perform this action is different. All you have to do are the following steps:

  • We go to Applications> Utilities.
  • Here you should see the Disk Utility tool.
  • If you are using an integrated or external card reader, the computer itself will determine where the microSD card is. It will be displayed in Internal or External.
  • Give the card a name, select the appropriate file system, and click Erase.

Fix file system

All major operating systems have a built-in tool to scan microSD drives, causing microSD errors to be fixed.

In Windows you have to do the following:

  • Open an Explorer window, right-click on the microSD drive and select Properties.
  • Now go to the Tools tab and select Check under Error Checking.
  • Choose Scan and repair drive.
  • The file checker will scan the drive and fix any fixable errors.

Of course, if you’re using a Mac, you’ll also be able to accomplish the same task. The way is different:

  • Go to Applications/Utilities and open Disk Utility.
  • Select the failed drive in the sidebar (you may need to click Show all devices if it doesn’t appear).
  • Click First Aid.
  • Now the disk will be scanned for errors to make the necessary repairs.

Clean microSD pins

If your computer does not detect the microSD card or you see that this error can be caused by dirty pins, you can always fix it manually.

You should clean them with a lint-free cloth. Even if you see that it is necessary, you can use isopropyl alcohol. In this operation you must be as careful as possible so as not to damage the pins, since you only have to clean them.

check card switch

When you have a card that does not allow you to write new files, the solution may be so easy and simple that you may even laugh at it.

If this happens, you may be able to fix the microSD just by pressing the anti-write switch that some bring in the adapter that you place in the computer so that it can read them, that is, a casing to transfer it from microSD to SD.

If he’s in a certain position, he’s not going to let you write anything. It is as simple as moving said switch to the opposite side of the one it is on and then you will see how everything returns to normal.

Update card reader drivers

There are times when the problem lies with the card reader itself having some kind of driver issue that makes everything work fine on the computer.

This applies to any device you use to access the card, such as:

  • Card readers : this is something that can happen both in the integrated ones, be external or come in a USB.
  • Other Devices – Other devices such as cameras, phones, drones, and printers may be affected.

The drivers are very important, since they are the ones that act as a bridge between the operating system and the hardware.

This means that if they are outdated or corrupt, the reader, whatever type it is, will not work correctly and, therefore, there will be various errors with the microSD.

There are programs to update drivers, but it is always best to visit the manufacturer’s website to download and install the most current ones.

recovery software 

There are a good number of programs that can be used to recover information from a microSD for which you consider that you have no solution or that you are going to format, but you do not want to lose what is inside.

One of them is Stellar Photo Recovery, it is a paid app, which has a free trial version, which will allow you to scan and see the data it can recover .

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