EA has been hacked: ‘FIFA 21’ source code and Frostbite engine stolen

Vice has reported that 780GB of data has been stolen from the company’s servers, including the codes for ‘FIFA 21’ and the Frostbite engine. According to the outlet, hackers are advertising the sale of the data in different forums. The theft has been confirmed by EA itself to Vice, acknowledging that there has been a “recent intrusion incident” on its network.

“A limited amount of game code and related tools have been stolen,” they say in EA, who assure that ” no player data has been accessed nor do we have reason to believe that there is a danger to their privacy.” According to EA, they have already put the matter in the hands of the authorities so that the investigation can begin.

No business impact

Finally, EA has told Vice that they have ” made security improvements and we do not expect a significant impact on our games or our business.” It is one of the latest hacker attacks on video game companies, after similar events that have affected Capcom or CD Projekt Red.

Vice claims that hackers have reported on forums that in addition to the aforementioned codes, there are development kits and code bundles that make programming easier. At the moment, they are obviously only moving around forums hidden from the public eye, and it remains to be seen if the theft will affect future games using Frostbite in any way.

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