Download League of Legends: Wild Rift for free on iOS and Android

After a long wait we can download, ‘ League of Legends: Wild Rift ‘, the mobile version (Android and iOS) of the well-known competitive video game ‘League of Legends’, can now be downloaded on iOS and Android. It was expected that its official launch would be on December 10, that is, tomorrow, but the game is now available on Google Play and App Store and is fully playable.

Like the PC version, ‘ League of Legends: Wild Rift ‘ is a completely free game that is financed by cosmetic micro-payments. The mechanics are similar to the original version, although Riot Games has slightly tweaked the game to adapt it to mobile screens and the format itself, with shorter games and simplified controls.

Summoner’s LOL: Rift is now mobile

Those who have already played or play ‘League of Legends’ will find a similar game, but not exactly the same. ‘League of Legends: Wild Rift’ is not a port of the PC version, but a new game. The map is smaller, there are no nexus turrets, the nexus has its own turret, the times are shorter and the champions do not have 18 levels, but 15. The idea is to make the games shorter, less than 20 minutes, when in ‘LoL’ they are usually between 30 and 60 minutes.

Download League of Legends: Wild Rift
League of Legends: Wild Rift

They are completely different games and it is obvious from the first moment. The interface is much less complex than that of the computer game and everything is designed to make it easy to play using your fingers and the screen. Not to mention that there are fewer characters, around 40. Therefore, ‘League of Legends: Wild Rift’ does not have cross-play with the PC version, nor does it have shared progress. It can be played using the Riot Games account, yes, but all players start from scratch.

Although the game is similar to PC, it is not exactly the same: the interface has been adapted and the games are shorter

‘League of Legends: Wild Rift’ is fully translated into different languages, both voices and text. It has different graphic settings and by default the 60 FPS are disabled , although they can be activated from the game’s own settings. It is striking that there are no higher frame rates for such a competitive game, although they may arrive in future updates.

It is a game with relatively affordable requirements, since on Android it can be played on any mobile with 2 GB of RAM, a quad-core processor and a Mali-T860 GPU onwards. On iOS it is compatible with devices with Apple A9 or higher processors. Its weight is 1.87 GB and, as we indicated previously, it is free to play . Remember, yes, that it is still a beta, so it is possible that there is some other performance problem.

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