Disney skips the premiere cinemas with ‘Mulán’

Disney skips the cinemas with ‘Mulán’ in Spain that will come to Disney +.Disney has just announced that ‘Mulán’, his great premiere of the season, will arrive in Spain by launching in Disney +. It can be seen as of September 4 for a price of 21.99 euros, a figure somewhat lower than the 30 dollars for which it will be released in the United States. In order to enjoy this first premiere of Disney at home, which Disney has chosen to do worldwide, it will be necessary to be a monthly Disney plus subscriber. That is, in the case that we had already enjoyed the trial period, in order to see the film we would have to pay 6.99 euros plus 21.99 of the film. Although it is not the first precedent that exists of premiere via streaming, for example, for example, by this way, it has been a success, that ‘Mulán’ arrives through this road is considered a turning point for the industry, and it is something that does not like anything at.

‘Mulán’ in Disney +, will have unlimited viewed by each account it

Through the official website of the film in Disney Plus, the company has announced that the premiere will come as UHD-4K and with Dolby Surroud sound, but the important thing is that it has revealed one of the great unknowns we had regarding the premiere in our country.

Disney Plus

That is, we are not facing a temporary rental, but before the digital purchase of a movie. However, Disney indicates that “your access to Mulán will continue as long as you have an active subscription to Disney Plus”, so you can not really consider the acquisition of permanent property rights over the film. Disney states that gaining it from September 4 in Premium Access, the user will be able to see it before it reaches the rest of subscribers, something that indicates that it will eventually reach the current subscription. Disney has not reported when it will happen, so, so we will have to wait to see how the sector changes in this regard, and how all this affects all of the distribution windows.

Another of the unknowns, in full debate about the commissions that Apple and Google charge for acquiring products in their stores, was in whether Disney would acquire the film off its website. And as we read on the web, this will be: “It offers premium access to Mulán for € 21.99 at Disneyplus.com and Disney + App on certain selected platforms, such as Apple and Google”.

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