Disney skips theaters and will premiere ‘Mulan’ directly on Disney

The current situation caused by the pandemic has had major havoc in the audiovisual industry. With the studies getting used to the idea that the theaters are not going to open any time soon, alternatives to the delays of the premieres are being considered, such as streaming . In fact, this year even the Oscars have made an exception . Now it is Disney who takes a step forward in favor of streaming : ‘ Mulan ‘ will premiere directly on Disney + , yes, at a price of $ 30.
In the presentation of the financial results of the last fiscal quarter, the CEO of Disney, Bob Chapek, has announced the decision made by the company about his next film. The premiere of ‘Mulan’ had previously been repeatedly delayed due to the confinements that have been taking place globally and consequently the closure of movie theaters. Now they say that ‘Mulan’ will come directly to streaming .
On September 4 ‘Mulan’ will arrive at Disney + , where it can be seen for $ 29.99 (currently without price in euros). For those countries where Disney + is not yet available, they indicate that they will try to release the film in physical cinemas. Among these countries we have, for example, several in Latin America, where they have precisely announced that Disney + will arrive in November of this year.

Betting on streaming for ‘Mulan’ does not mean that it will be the new standard for Disney from now on, according to Bob Chapek it is “something unique” and not “a new model of commercial windows” . They will take advantage of this experiment with ‘Mulan’ to study what profits it can generate and if it allows to win more subscribers for Disney +.

Disney Mulan: With an audience of almost 60 million users

Bob Chapek has also used to boast of subscribers to his streaming platform . According to the company, Disney + closed June 2020 with a total of 57.5 paying users . If you add to this the 8.5 million ESPN + users and the 35.5 million Hulu users, the company has a total of more than 100 million paid users right now among its different platforms. To put the figures in context, in April this year Disney + exceeded 50 million users according to the company.

Although Disney + is already in a large part of markets internationally, there are still some markets where the number of subscribers can increase significantly. One of those markets is precisely Latin America, where as we have already seen, it will arrive in November of this year, even without an exact date. Disney also wants to see if the premiere of movies directly in streaming as they are going to do with ‘Mulan’ can be an incentive to gain more subscribers.

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