Dirt 5 will get the biggest update next week for ps5 dual sense and it’s free.

Codemasters also added some enhancements to Dirt 5 and PS5 DualSense to make it more realistic.

Dirt 5
Dirt 5

If you have any questions about Dirt 5, your car’s turning speed can be solved because Codemasters announced that they will update their Speed ​​game for free on July 20 next year Start with the greatest of today, and we will tell you all of it.

Dirt 5 Biggest ever update

There will be several content packs, such as Parts Unknown Playgrounds Pack, which adds more elements to create custom tracks with science fiction elements. Exclusive weekly challenges and creator rewards will also be added to encourage players to use this part more.

In addition, the iconic design will be made of five different cars, two new tracks in Brazil and five trophies.DiRT 5 is expected to become more realistic with the new DualSense option. The new content in Dirt 5 seems to follow this bigger, better” principle, providing new cars, tracks, and game options.

The list of career mode options has added 27 new events and four outstanding cars: Bentley Continental GT Ice Racer, Armada Rock Racer, Rezvani Tank and Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport Baja concept car. It will also include more skins, sponsors and other custom elements.

Experience all in Dirt 5

This content applies to Amplified / Year Players One Edition. In the specific case of PS5, DualSense has been enhanced due to its haptic capabilities and adaptive triggers, so through these enhancements, virtual riders can notice changes in traction and thrust based on surface, gear shift noise or braking resistance-all These are for the most authentic feeling when you want to know more, dont miss our Dirt 5 analysis.

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