How to update PS5 DualSense controller

During the few months since its release, we have seen numerous update releases for both the console and its DualSense controller. There are ways to update PS5 DualSense controller easily. And it is that although the new versions of the console software are usually linked to somewhat more intrusive messages, or even to the disabling of some functions such as access to online functionalities, controller updates could go more “unnoticed”.

Or at least in terms of its use, since these DualSense firmware updates have not turned out to be especially essential to date, further limiting the need to update it to get rid of annoying messages when starting the console.

How to update PS5 DualSense controller

Obviously, the first step will be to turn on our console, since this process will be linked to an update of it, thus making it impossible for us to carry out this process through a computer.

Once this is done, we will see the notice on the screen about the availability of an update for the DualSense controller, with two options to defer the update, or start its process. Thus, before selecting this second option, we must connect our controller to the console through a USB cable, since due to the need to restart during the process, Sony does not allow an update wirelessly.

update PS5 DualSense controller

The rest of the process will be carried out automatically by the PS5 itself, after which, in just a few minutes, we will be able to play normally again.

On the other hand, in the event that this text is not shown to us (mainly due to the fact that we have postponed it and we want to carry out the process before 24 hours), we will have to resort to a small “trap” to circumvent the system.

Specifically, we must access the network configuration of the console and deactivate the Internet connection of the PS5 (through the route Configuration> Network> Configuration), after which we can change the system time with a jump of 24 hours ( Configuration> System> Date and time) causing the reappearance of this message, which will allow us to continue with the DualSense update process.

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