A digital E3 2021 with paid content? The most important video game fair in the world denies it

There will be some paid content for digital E3 2021 event according to one of the news media. The health situation is slowly improving, but there are still no clear aspects, and that puts the organizations of the next video game events in check. By now, in normal situations, we would already know how the next E3 2021 would work. Although at the moment there is nothing clear, in the last minutes VGC magazine has suggested that the company responsible for this video game fair was planning a digital event with some paid content, which has been practically denied immediately.

The organizers of E3 2021 assure that it is a free event for everyone

“E3 2021 digital is a free event for everyone. We are happy to be able to inform you of all these details very soon,” ESA has written on social networks, denying the information previously published by the aforementioned medium. According to this leak, which alluded to sources close to the event, the new edition of E3 would start on June 13 and three days of streaming content would be added, followed by a consumer experience powered by an event app. The intention is that the fair was an experience in itself, making everyone a participant in the event.

Other details shared by this medium, and which are now in doubt, is that the ESA would bet on multiple events with video game partners that would be broadcast from a live stage decorated by many LEDs and located in Los Angeles, as well as an awards ceremony, and the possibility for companies to schedule meetings with the media and commercial users through the application.

We will report all these details very soonE3 2021

It was also mentioned that the E3 organizers would seek to partner with Nvidia to push demos through the GeForce Now platform. In this way, exhibitors can put their games through the cloud to show the game to the public or even for the press or business people to test it privately. Plans sent to publishers suggest that the E3 app will include “virtual booths” with content announced during the show, as well as product stores and demos.

A totally free E3 2021

Digital E3 2021 paid content
E3 2021

From the aforementioned portal they assured that their sources have confirmed that the ESA has analyzed the possibility of grouping some parts of its offer for the consumer with the idea of ​​a paid access pass, which could well be for demonstrations of games on demand or a “premium” package with additional access. Already at this point they warned that there was a possibility that the organizing company itself would back down.

A few months before the usual date of celebration of E3, it only remains to wait to know the official details about what was once the most important video game fair in the world. We will see if the changes end up convincing Reggie, former president of Nintendo America, who months ago was somewhat dissatisfied with the plans for E3 2021 that were beginning to come to light. In recent weeks, other major video game events have already unveiled some of their plans. For example, we already know that Gamescom 2021 will be a mixed event, of which we already know its date, while Tokyo Game Show 2021 bets on digital.

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