Diablo Contest Winner Shows Off His Amazing Custom Xbox Series X

From time to time, contests are held to win different editions and customizations of Xbox consoles, in order to delight fans with unique and collectible designs. Recently, the winner of a contest for the game Diablo showed off his new Xbox Series X console customized with the game, one that shines with unique details if you are really a fan of the Blizzard saga.

Through his Twitter account, the player named Keimou3 shared a post with the custom console, shining it in all its splendor on an altar that came with the set. In addition, you can see the accessories that the console has, being an ideal set for fans.

As we can see in the post, the user has been grateful and happy with the custom console. The Diablo contest consisted of fans sharing an image of their most prized possession in the series, and in this way, Blizzard executives chose the one that suited them best.

This entire collectible set is valued at $ 889.00 USD, making it a highly valued console.A tremendous joy has lived the fanatic who, from now on, will be able to use his Xbox Series X with all the characteristic style of Diablo.

Undoubtedly, for the year 2022 great titles are expected, so it would not be strange to think that more custom consoles will reach more players.

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