Customize your Xiaomi with this trick that changes your notification bar

Would you like to put your name in the notification bar of your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO? And how about some unique message, something that sets you apart from the rest? There is a simple trick so that, instead of finding the name of your mobile operator, you can see any other message that you choose. We tell you how in three easy steps.

Your notification bar, your rules

The vast majority of current Xiaomi and Redmi have dual SIM, which means that you can connect two microSIM cards simultaneously to have and use two numbers within the same terminal family and work, for example.

This is the function that interests us, since, to differentiate both cards, MIUI 11 introduced the novelty of being able to change the name of each operator , so that we can use an indicator that we recognize at the time.

To access this customization option, follow this route:

  • Enter the settings of the system
  • Scroll down to the option ‘ Notifications and Control Center ‘
  • Enter and go down to the ‘ Status Bar ‘ function , at the bottom.
  • Finally enter the option ‘ Edit operator name.’

This is where you can choose the name you prefer, not just your mobile operator. In this way you will have the possibility to use that gap to create a personalized message.

The result will be visible from the notification bar, on the lock screen and every time you check the status bar in general. We have opted for the iconic ‘Xiaomi World’ but you can even highlight a phrase that you like. You have a very loose character limit and you can also use emojis.

The best of all? You can add as many messages as you have SIM slots in your terminal: a question / answer, for example, or your name and that of your partner, if you are looking for something more romantic you choose.

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