PlayStation: They register a patent with a possible controller to play on smartphones

The video game company has registered this patent which describes a special controller for mobile devices, whether iOS or Android.

PlayStation is one of the video game companies that has sold the most consoles in recent years. This is demonstrated by its more than 13.4 million PS5 units delivered during these months. However, they not only want to stay in that world, but also expand to iOS and Android smartphones.

To do this, Sony, the company that owns this division, has launched a patent that shows an image of a remote to play on cell phones. With this, they would enter this other market that is growing more and more.


Consoles and PlayStation games, nowadays, are a fundamental part of the life of gamers. Although it can arouse passions among users, it is, without a doubt, one of the best positioned companies in the market.

Despite that, it seems that they have left aside a space that is important for smartphones. However, it is not so much so. According to report, the company has filed a new patent through the Japanese division SIE.In this document you can see a new game system designed especially for mobile devices.

Image from playstation patent
Image from Playstation patent

The image shows us two side grips, very similar to those of the DualShock 4, and in the middle a space for the smartphone.The patent description highlights this gadget as “one grip portion on the left side and one on the right side.” With this system, something more comfortable would be sought than the Bluetooth system that is already available.

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