Change in WhatsApp: an unexpected new feature arrived on Android

This week, the WhatsApp messaging app announced a new feature that forever changes all emojis on Android phone users.As in iOS cell phones, users can display a smart menu in each of the emoticons to choose their colors and characteristics. Here is everything there is to know about this unwelcome WhatsApp change.

This week, the app launched an option that is still “hidden” that can be used to send emojis with different combinations of skin tones.From now on, by pressing and holding an emoji, users will have various options that were not available before. Some news portal specializing in WhatsApp news, explained that the function is currently available for the beta version of the app and announced that it will soon reach the 2 billion users who use the platform.


There is a specific website that allows you to combine several emojis in one place. The platform is called ” Emojimix ” and it is entered by clicking on this link .In the app, you can start mixing and combining various emojis on a roulette wheel and then download the final design to your cell phone.Once the new emoji is downloaded, it can be sent to all WhatsApp contacts by entering the app.

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