Microsoft has no plans to introduce the new Emoji to Windows 10 for the time being

For Windows 10 users, it is not something Microsoft is considering for the time being to get Emoji expressions.

In an optional update released a few days ago, Microsoft has opened a new Emoji series based on Fluent Design to Windows 11 users, including the very well-known Big Eye Clip (Clippy). Unfortunately, Microsoft has no plans at this stage to introduce these Emojis to the Windows 10 system.  

The new Emoji should be limited to Windows 11, and Windows 10 users will not get any new emojis, at least for now. However, it may change in the future.  

Unlike the emojis of the previous Windows Phone era, the new and updated emojis look modern, colorful and more interesting. However, the new emoji looks very different from the 3D refresh previously announced by Microsoft.  

As a reminder, these new emojis are all about fun, expression, and personality. The emoji is still 2D, but it looks more vivid than the previous Windows version, but users still don’t buy it. After all, the previous promotion was 3D.  

However, some people are dissatisfied with the fact that these emojis look so “flat” compared to the preview released by the Microsoft design team.

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