Call of Duty Vanguard is going to bet on a certain historical rigor in its portrait of World War II

If you play the Call of Duty saga it is clear that you are not looking for a historical rigor, right? However, while Call of Duty Vanguard is not going to change this trend, Sledgehammer Games does want there to at least be some veracity in the facts that count.

For this they have done a great job of research in order to achieve a more careful historical setting than in previous episodes.”We have had researchers and great connoisseurs of the time but, at the same time, we have not let all this limit us,” said Josh Bridge, director of CoD Vanguard, making it clear that at all times they want to bet on fun , but also by a concept of ordinary people doing extraordinary things .

We do want the certainty of being faithful with, for example, how a battle started or how it ended. But all the stories in between allow us to create very exciting stories for us.”

For example, this translates into the psychological portrayal and the acts of different characters. “We have spent a lot of time researching and identifying individuals in history who could help inspire us to create our own,” explained David Swenson, creative director of the campaign, with, for example, the case of the fictional Heinrich Freisinger, director of the Gestapo, who is inspired by the terrifying Heinrich Müller , and who will be our main antagonist during the single player mode.

We have a made-up story, but we want it to be deeply rooted in everything that actually happened .”

This, of course, also applies to the protagonists: who have different historical characters that they are inspired by.

This also affects different events that we will experience. “We have taken inspiration from many operations that were developed by the Nazis, some of them discovered by the allies, ” acknowledges the creative director. “We took inspiration from one of them for our story, Project Phoenix , that allied intelligence was never 100% sure what it was about, but that they were convinced that it was a potential threat that could even generate a successor for Hitler .

With the aim of neutralizing it, they created the special forces , one of the points that for us is most important in the campaign since it is what its protagonists are “.

Call of Duty Vanguard has been recently announced and has platforms and a release date.

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