Best Android QR code reader on your mobile: it’s called Google Assistant

You may think that to read the usual QR code with your phone you need to download an application, but no: the best app to read these codes is already installed on your phone, is Google Assistant. And using it is so simple and comfortable that, once you try it, you will not use anything else.

Enter a restaurant, sit at a table and see that, instead of the usual prepandemic menu, there is a QR code on the tablecloth with which you can access the list of dishes after pointing with your mobile. Of course, something is needed to act as a bridge between the QR codes, the letter and your stomach: the QR reader. And no, you don’t need to download anything.

Google Lens is your friend

Google Assistant offers a lot of smart options: it can solve your doubts, tell you a joke, tell you where Santa Claus is going and even read what is hidden behind a QR codes. For this last task, it uses a service included in the Google application: Lens.

Scan QR code with Google lens
Scan QR code with Google lens

Google Lens is pure magic: its capabilities are so high that you will surely be surprised by everything you can do with your mobile camera and Google servers. Solve mathematical equations, find out what kinds of plants grow on the side of the road, it can tell you the specific dish of any restaurant and it even translates the texts in front of you in real time. In addition, and if that were not enough, it reads QR codes.

Don’t you know how to read QR codes on your Android mobile without downloading applications ? These are the steps:

  • Click on an empty space on your desktop and enter the widget options.
  • Look for the Google widget and put it on your phone.
  • Look at the icon that appears to the far right in the search bar. Click on that colored square that looks like a camera, it’s Google Lens.
  • The Camera app with Lens will open. If this is the first time you use it, you will have to accept the access permissions to the camera and to the storage of your phone.
  • Click on “Search with the camera” to capture the QR codes in front of you. If you had saved it on your phone, open the QR from the gallery.
  • Once the viewfinder on the screen with everything you point with the camera comes out, point your mobile to the QR code and click on it .
  • Google Lens will offer you all the information that the QR hides. If it is a text it will put it on the screen; if it is a link it will allow you to open it directly. Or save a contact, the WiFi … Everything will depend on what the QR hides.

Google Assistant offers you, through Lens, the best QR code reader on Android. It has no ads, it costs you nothing, there are no downloads and the only requirement is that you need an Internet connection. Like the rest of the apps, at least as long as a web address is hidden behind the QR code (which is the most common).

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