What is a GPN and how does it differ from a VPN

‘VPN’ and ‘GPN’ are two similar concepts and words : in both cases we are talking about certain network connection services. But their use and functionalities differ, so it is convenient to know how to differentiate them from each other (and both from the web proxies ).

Undoubtedly, VPNs (Virtual Private Network) are much better known, and you have probably used one at some point: they are servers that allow us to route all our online traffic and tunnel it (encrypting it and preventing its interception).

Although its most obvious utility is to use it to avoid the surveillance of our communications – either by cybercriminals or by the authorities – many users also resort to VPNs to bypass the geographical limitations of many online services, since they allow it to appear that we do not connect from the Internet. country where the server in question resides.

When the enemy is latency

However, the mission of the GPN is very different; Its name (Gamers Private Network) already gives clues about it: by connecting to one we will not be anonymizing or encrypting our connection, but rather prioritizing the speed between our router and the server of the online video game that we are accessing at that moment.


In fact, some GPN services even automatically detect which video game we are playing and proceed to automatically route it (and prioritize it over other applications that are running at the time).

And what is the meaning of that? Very simple: reduce the latency of the connection, as well as the ping , which will avoid packet loss … and will have an impact on the gaming experience; and it can be key during the game, when it comes to improving the reaction speed of our ‘avatar’.

This, speeding up the connection, is the main goal of using a GPN. Although, as in the case of the VPN, there is another extra function that both share: connecting from a GPN, it is possible to access games or DLCs that are not yet available in our country (or worse, that they are not expected to ever be) .

Despite this separation between VPNs and GPNs, it is relatively common for VPN tool providers to offer GPN services as well, many times integrating them into the same app. On the other hand, among the services exclusively aimed at players, applications such as KillPing ($ 1.6 per month) or WTFast ($ 9.99) stand out.

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