Battlefield 2042 Leak: Secret mode could make fan dream come true

Battlefield 2042 is designed to offer three different multiplayer experiences. Developer DICE has so far only presented one of them and revealed the name of the second. A leak now reveals what is supposed to be behind gate number 3.

At E3, DICE has already revealed what is behind “All-out Warfare” in Battlefield 2042 and has already shown the first gameplay in the course of this. Another mode is called “Hazard Zone“, which, according to the developers, is not supposed to be a battle royale. There are already assumptions that this is a game experience that is based on Escape from Tarkov or Hunt: Showdown , i.e. a PvP / PvE mix with a high degree of difficulty and the chance of rich loot with great use.

Battlefield 2042 – Official Gameplay Trailer

Secret mode should be called Battlefield Hub

According to leaker Tom Henderson, the mode that has been “blacked out” in all official sources is the Battlefield Hub. It should be a kind of “best of” from older Battlefield parts, with new editions of old and popular maps and combinations of vehicles from different games. According to Henderson’s sources, the Battlefield Hub is a separate game mode (not Free2Play) and an optional download for gamers.

Here is the video from Tom Henderson with all his information:

The whole thing should be the ultimate battlefield playground and have more fun and creativity in mind than competitive multiplayer. With a mix of components from many different games, the balance is of secondary importance and hardly achievable. The mode runs on the Battlefield 2042 engine, according to Henderson, old maps with the appropriate size should even work with 128 players.

So it’s more of a “fun mode” where players can let off steam and return to old battlefields. For the nostalgic and creative, a dream could come true.

Battlefield 2042 trailer
Battlefield 2042

Even if Tom Henderson has leaked correct information many times, this leak should also be viewed with a healthy dose of skepticism. On the official website there is only the following statement about the mode, which could well fit the leak:

“Experience the vast universe of Battlefield in a new gaming experience that our fans can look forward to in Battlefield 2042.”

More details about the secret mode will be available on July 22, 2021 at EA Play Live. Publisher EA and DICE are still planning an open beta, when it will take place, but is not yet known. Battlefield 2042 is expected to be released on October 22, 2021.

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