EA confirms ‘Battlefield’ saga mobile by 2022

‘Battlefield’ is, along with ‘Call of Duty’, one of the most popular multiplayer shooter franchises in the world. The difference between them is that ‘Call of Duty‘ is already on mobile (where it has been a resounding success, by the way), while ‘Battlefield’ is still an experience for PC and consoles. That, however, is close to over.

And it is that Electronic Arts has confirmed through a publication on its official blog that in 2022 we will have a “completely new ‘Battlefield’ game that will bring total war to smartphones and tablets.” It will not be a port or a version, but it will be a completely new and independent game developed from scratch.

‘Battlefield’ for mobile in 2022 and new ‘Battlefield’ for 2021

As Electronic Arts explains in the statement, this game has been in the prototype phase for years and it seems that it is almost ready. The game is being developed by Industrial Toys , a smartphone-focused division of EA, and DICE, which we all know for being the makers of the original games. And that, really, is the only thing we know.

Battlefield Saga Mobile

Electronic Arts has not elaborated on its gameplay, its game modes or its graphics. They just confirmed that it is in development and that “you can expect a unique skill-based experience. The game is currently entering a trial period and is expected to launch next year. It will be time to wait.

It is striking that Electronic Arts makes this announcement just today, two days after confirming that ‘Apex Legends’, its free Battle Royale that already accumulates 100 million players, is also going to reach mobile phones. The beta launch is scheduled for the end of April, at least in India and the Philippines.

We thus go from mobile phones to PC, and it is that Electronic Arts has confirmed that it has “the largest ‘Battlefield’ development team” working on the PC and console game, that future ‘Battlefield VI’ (if it is called thus) of which nothing is known yet.

The only thing that Oskar Gabrielson, CEO of DICE, has confirmed is that “total war” is back. In the words of the director of the study himself:

“I can tell you it’s a daring step. It takes everything we love about ‘Battlefield’ and takes it to another level. Epic scale. Total military warfare. Crazy and unexpected moments. Game-changing destruction. Massive battles packed with more players and chaos than ever. “

And this is it for now, which Gabrielson concludes with a suggestive “get ready for the ‘coming soon’ reveal.” We know that right now they are polishing and balancing the game, but nothing more.

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