Battlefield 2042 brings back some popular classic maps,considering the fans of the legend

There are still two weeks to go before EA Play Live 2021, and one of the most anticipated release games is Battlefield 2042. The next part of the DICE military saga was presented in style last month and relies on modern warfare with futuristic elements.

Battlefield 2042 classic maps
Battlefield 2042

As this version continues until 2042, we will have time to review and remember our best moments in Battlefield. What do we mean? There are rumors that DICE will confirm in the next few days that “Battlefield 2042” will bring back some classic maps that fans love very much.

On the occasion of the EA Spotlight debut yesterday, this series of talk shows and pre-interviews with EA Play Live Ripple Effect Studios CEO Christian Grass confirmed the rumors. The name is DICE LA. Well, in his speech, Glass commented on the following recorded by MP1ST:

Battlefield 2042 Let’s add again some fan favourite classic maps Christian Grass “I can’t say too much, but what can I say Do? Comment on this, one of the components of the experience we are creating is that we will add some fan favourite maps to Battlefield 2042, but [to find out] the real experience, you “must” wait.

In A little more before you show it.” Recent rumors not only talk about the return of classic maps, but also the introduction of Battlefield Center, a gathering place for collecting classic maps, odds weapons, and other items. After a rumor until there was no announcement, Glass’s words made it clear that we will have some of our fans’ favorite maps back. Which maps do you want to see again?

As a reminder, Battlefield 2042 will be available on October 22, and we have seen a lot of game demos at E3 2021-if you can’t wait to learn more about EA Play, here is our preview of Battlefield 2042.

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