Apple doesn’t want iMessage on Android because they know it would hurt them

Apple doesn’t want to bring iMessage on Android. It may seem like a no-brainer at this point, but now company executives have confirmed this following the interrogations that are taking place during the trial with Epic Games.

iMessage is the quintessential messaging app on iOS and the Apple ecosystem. It is true that in countries like India, where WhatsApp has a huge usage share, it is not as widely used, but in the United States (where iPhone penetration is also much higher) it is the default communication service for tens of millions of users.

Why didn’t iMessage arrive on Android and they create a cross-platform messaging app? That is the question that has always haunted and the case between Riot Games and Apple that is being held has brought to light statements that confirm the blockade of Apple to bring iMessage to other systems, such as Android.

iMessage on Android would cause a user leak

Epic Games continues to provide evidence to try to show that Apple uses its platform and the App Store to create a monopoly, and among the latest statements, Eddy Cue (Senior Vice President, Internet Software and Services at Apple) acknowledges that in 2013 Apple already I was able to develop a version of iMessage for Android and thus have cross-system application compatibility, but they didn’t.

iMessage on Android

Craig Federighi and Phil Schiller also claimed that the reasons for blocking iMessage from the Apple ecosystem was to prevent the leakage of users from iOS to Android. Another former employee of the company says that for many users, i Message is one of the strongest reasons not to leave iOS.

At this point, this should not be surprising or revealing. It is obvious that iMessage is an exclusive software of Apple, it is not illegal that it is like that and probably for the regulators who are following the case it will not be of greater interest.

A possible version of iMessage for Android has been rumoured for years, even some of the best-known leakers confirmed that they were working on it. It was probably like that and Apple was testing it as proof of the technology.

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