Apple talks about ‘alternative payments’ and thinks about cryptocurrencies

Apple has published a job offer in which it is looking for an expert in cryptocurrencies, fast payments, BNPL (“buy now, pay later”, from its acronym in English) and digital wallets, to be in charge of its project alternative payments. They require 6 years of experience in business or market development and 5 years working with alternative payment providers.

Little or nothing is known about what Tim Cook have on his hands. But the fact that Apple has published a job offer in which they are looking for a cryptocurrency expert (in addition to other qualities), whose role will be to lead their alternative payments section, begins to give some clue. It seems clear that the technology giant does not want to be left behind in the boom of digital assets that society is experiencing at the moment. 

Apple’s job offer was published on May 25, 2021 and would be to work, full time, at its headquarters in Cupertino (California). The Apple Wallets, Payments and Commerce (WPC) team is in charge of piloting this selection process in which an experienced Business Development Manager is sought to lead alternative payment projects

The chosen one, they explain, must have proven experience in emerging and alternative payment solutions. He will be responsible for the project from start to finish, including among his duties those of leading the association with key participants in the alternative payments ecosystem, covering the complete process of partner identification, development and socialization of business cases, negotiation of associations., signature and execution of contracts, market launch and continuous growth of the value of the association.

You will work with senior partners internally and externally to advance the business case, secure resources, and provide ongoing communications. Additionally, you will need to provide insight into the industry and market opportunities to Apple’s cross-functional teams, including Alliance, Product, Engineering, and Marketing, to influence business strategy and product roadmaps for Apple Pay and growth. Wallet Services.

To work at Apple you have to be an expert in cryptocurrencies, and many other things

Apple lists a number of key requirements that candidates must meet: 

  • More than 10 years of professional experience, with more than 6 years in commercial or market development in multiple financial services companies .
  • Over 5 years experience working in or with suppliers of alternative payment methods, such as digital wallets, BNPL, fast payouts, criptomonedas, and so on.
  • In-depth knowledge of the alternative payments ecosystem, understanding of the complexities of cash flow, roles / responsibilities for settlement, relevant regulations and industry standards, and the broad spectrum of FinTech products.
  • Direct experience in structuring association agreements, negotiating commercial and technical terms through multiple partners in the payments industry.
  • History of establishment, management and growth of impressive associations.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills and ability to develop strong working relationships internally and externally.
  • Great ability to influence without authority, sell concepts and actively drive optimized decision-making among partners.
  • Entrepreneur who works optimally in a dynamic environment and is comfortable carrying out projects to completion with a minimum of mentoring.
  • With the ability to develop and execute strategic and tactical plans through many organizational partners. Also with skills to articulate the bigger picture and understand the details of execution.
  • Strong problem solving skills with the ability to analyze opportunities from many angles (both quantitative and qualitative) to persuade internal and external decision makers.
  • Experience in building business cases around market opportunities and partnerships, including strategy development, market segmentation, competitive analysis, and financial analysis.
  • Optimistic and collaborative teammate who thrives on goal setting and achievement.
  • Great preference for those who are proficient in Apple products and applications.
  • Minimum BS / BA degree. Adequate MBA.

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