App you freaked out with back in the day: Timely

In this series we remember applications from the past that were very popular at the time and that we do not hear so much about today. After remembering Timehop, ES File Explorer, QuickPic, Link Bubble and more, today we remember possibly the most popular alarm app on Android: Timely.Timely is a clock and alarms app, a category of apps that we normally don’t pay much attention to as long as they work properly. However, Timely managed to capture our attention with a design that stood out a lot in its time.

What was special about it?

Timely was launched with the tagline of “the beautiful alarm clock”, which perfectly defined the application. It was a simple clock and alarms application that stood out for its design and for doing the same as other similar apps in a different and more visual way.

We are talking about the time of Android Jelly Bean, with the Holo design very established and Material Design still in the oven of Google. Back then Android apps were often quite ugly, while Timely brought vivid colors with gradients, animations, and various themes to choose from.

Instead of entering the alarm time as in a calculator, in Timely you could use gestures to have a somewhat more entertaining experience and with a fully customizable design. All this with some very interesting functions for then, such as the synchronization of alarms between devices or being able to postpone the alarm after turning the mobile upside down.

What happened to Timely?

As we mentioned before, Timely came stomping in 2013, created by a small Swiss company under the name Bitspin. It didn’t take long for the app to catch the eye of Google, who bought it a year after its launch, in 2014.

Bitspin -and Timely- became part of Google and this brought good news for users. All premium features were now free (previously $ 2.99). The statement Bitspin about buying assured that they would continue working on the application and continue to operate as Timely so far.

The truth is that Timely received a couple of updates after his purchase by Google, such as the option to choose his own alarm sound, but from a certain point he was stuck in front of the Google Clock app. Google Clock has not stopped receiving news to this day and, although it was expected to receive Timely’s designs, it has not finally been the case.

After years left to its own devices, this year Google announced the closure of Timely and the application disappeared from Google Play in June.Today you can continue installing it from its APK and, after accepting the notice, it works relatively well.

Timely continue to work with its APK after Google removed it
Timely continue to work with its APK after Google removed it

Does it still make sense today?

Timely was an application that stood out for trying to do things in a slightly different way and much more visual than usual. There are hundreds of clock and alarm applications, but not all have put as much effort into the final product as Timely did.

That concept is alive today more than ever and best of all, it can be applied to any application. Not all applications that go beyond the conventional end up being a success, but it is undeniable that they manage to at least stand out from the rest. A recent example of could be for example Niagara Launcher.

Google Clock is the spiritual heir to Timely and, although its design is much more monotonous and boring than Timely, at least Google has kept the idea of trying to take a simple a priori type of app further. Thus, Google Clock added curious news such as rest mode or integration with Spotify.

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