AirDroid Web: How to use it and what are the benefits

AirDroid Web

With AirDroid, data transfer between Android smartphones and other devices such as PCs can be carried out easily. AirDroid Web is a particularly popular access control between PC and mobile phone.

AirDroid Web: How to connect

The connection between smartphone and PC is particularly easy to establish thanks to the AirDroid web application:

  1. Download and start the app on the smartphone.
  2. Visit in your browser.
  3. Instead of logging in with a user name and password, choose the option via QR scan.
  4. Scan the QR code displayed in the web view with the smartphone camera.

In this way, you connect as quickly and conveniently as possible – in addition, the software installation of the AirDroid PC software is not necessary, which is also very convenient. All the important features are then available to you in the web view so that you can transfer any files.

You can give different permissions to be accessed via this web application.

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