Adobe updates Photoshop for iPad with new selection mode with Edge Perfection

One of the most famous photo retouching tools is Adobe Photoshop , an app that has earned fame for its power. Of course, the Adobe guys are not to relax either, more and more retouching tools are emerging in the app stores, and all of them at cheaper prices. Adobe Photoshop came to iPad with a version “almost” equal to the desktop version , a version that has just been updated to look even more like its desktop counterpart . After the jump we give you all the details of the new Adobe Photoshop for iPad. Adobe updates Photoshop for iPad with new selection mode with Edge Perfection.

First of all tell you that Adobe Photoshop is a free app at the App Store level but requires a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud, we must pay. The photography plan includes this Adobe Photoshop app for iPad, the desktop version, and both Lightroom apps (desktop and mobile devices). As we say, Adobe has just updated Photoshop for iPad with the possibility of making much more precise cuts, a very useful tool when deleting backgrounds after people for example.

Now you can precisely refine the border area of ​​difficult selections, smooth out difficult areas like hair or skin to add fine detail. This is necessary to achieve realistic, professional-quality selections of objects with a mix of sharp and smooth edges . Some examples include, lots of loose hair or the removal of subjects from complex backgrounds and many more everyday selection scenarios.

Another important point that we see with the arrival of this new update is the possibility of rotating our work canvas with the usual rotation gestures of the iPad , this is what Adobe tells us about this new function.

  • Use a two-finger rotate gesture to rotate the canvas, you can also zoom in and out at the same time.
  • The rotation can be 0, 90, 180, 270 degrees.
  • You can restart rotation and zoom with a quick pinch-out gesture.
  • Both rotation and zoom can be activated or deactivated in the Settings -> Touch menu.
  • Rotation does not freeze and returns to zero degrees when reopening a file.

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