Adobe flash player will automatically be removed in the latest Windows 10 update

After updating the operating system, Adobe Flash Player will be automatically removed from the computer and there is no possibility to undo the update. A new update to Windows 10 is rolling out to all supported computers. An update that, in this case, seeks to end an already discontinued tool: Adobe Flash Player.

The Windows 10 update comes under the name KB4577586. This new update is rolling out for Windows 10 users in version 20H2, 2004 and earlier versions. Although there are no relevant user-facing changes, we did find important internal modifications such as the removal of Flash.

Adobe flash player: Security issue

Adobe flash player

The death of Flash by Adobe also implies its removal from any possible computer. Since it is no longer supported, it ‘s easier for attackers to take advantage of un-patched back doors. Hence the best idea of ​​all is not only not to use it, but also to remove it from the device. And if the user doesn’t, Microsoft will do it for him.

Once the new update is installed, all traces of Adobe Flash Player will automatically disappear. Flash removal occurs only if it was previously installed by Windows itself automatically. That is, if the user was the one who installed Adobe Flash Player on their own, it will remain installed after this update.

Unlike other Windows 10 updates that allow you to restore everything to how it was previously, with this update it is not possible to restore Adobe Flash Player. Microsoft indicates that the user can reinstall entire Windows 10 if they wish, but Flash Player will not appear again.

Whether or not it has been installed by Windows, the best thing to do is to uninstall it. Adobe Flash Player no longer has any support from Adobe, it can quickly become a security hole in the operating system. Not in vain all the great operating systems and software applications are proceeding to eliminate it.

Windows 10 latest update

It disappears in Windows 10 now, it disappeared in Chrome, it disappeared in Firefox, there is no trace of it in iOS and Adobe urges it to be discontinued. Despite everything, there are those who still refuse to leave Flash . What’s more, it may never completely disappear thanks to Flash-based games, and some even want it to become open source so that it will last longer.

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