A table compares the duration of Assassin’s Creed games: why is AC Infinity coming?

Assassin’s Creed Unlimited officially debuted this week, and the future of one of Ubisoft’s most popular legends will be based on this new platform, which has caused some controversy among fans.

Assassin’s creed

The French company pointed out that it is Platform A and it is constantly evolving. Add new content from their permission and provide fans with new ways to experience the brand and move forward with greater motivation, although it is not entirely clear what the next game will be.

The length of the legendary game has grown exponentially.
This forces the followers of the legend to analyze the development since the release of the first part in 2007, which began with a series of adventure video games focused on the story, with some smaller ones.

The mission after discovering other things after criticizing the linearity of the original delivery. But in 2017, Origins restarted, turning the brand into an openworld action role-playing game, and in the next two episodes it became a huge clock and contentthey might decide to change their minds. Looking to the future.

This is why they want to compare the duration of Assassin’s Creed Saga from the beginning to the present on the Axios portal. The changes are estimated to start in 2017. The duration is increased too much and it’s too complete the main story and the finalists. All minor items.

Assassin’s Creed game table

Our best example on AC Valhalla lasted more than 130 hours, and became longer and longer as new content was added. Therefore, it has been confirmed that there will be more second seasons of DLC. The new Assassin’s Creed Unlimited will be put into use there, it does not look like the national anthem or destiny, but still hopes to provide endless content for its players.

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