A Student Gives the World Access to GPT-4


GPT-3 and GPT-4 are the most advanced language models developed by OpenAI, and are used in various Natural Language Processing (NLP) applications. However, access to these models is limited by API fees and licenses.

As an alternative to this system, a GitHub project called GPT4free allows free access to the GPT3.5 and GPT4 models through query redirection through other sites that already pay for their API licenses. This project has become one of the most popular repositories on GitHub, but it has also provoked a response from OpenAI, which reacted by demanding its removal.

How does GP-4 free work?

GPT4free works by redirecting queries through other sites that already pay for their OpenAI API licenses. The data obtained from these sites is formatted and presented as responses to queries made by users. For example, the main GPT4free script hits the URL https://you.com/api/streamingSearch, part of the You.com chatbot, which incorporates the use of GPT-4. That address is given several parameters and then the JSON that it returns is taken and formatted. The GPT4free repository also has scripts that pull data from other sites like Quora, Forefront, and TheB.

GPT4free developer Xtekky has pointed out that his project does not connect directly to the OpenAI API, but uses data from other sites that already pay for their own API licenses. Xtekky believes that if the owners of these sites have a problem with their scripts consulting them, they should approach him directly.

However, OpenAI has sent a letter demanding the removal of the project within five days, as it considers that it is violating its intellectual property rights. Xtekky has indicated that it is willing to remove scripts that use individual site APIs at the request of the site owners. Xtekky has also advised sites to protect their APIs, but none of them have done so so far.

Is it legal to use GPT4free?

The use of GPT4free is in a legal gray area, as it depends on the use of sites that pay for their OpenAI API licenses. However, the owners of these sites could easily block external access to their APIs using common security measures. Additionally, sites may lose advertising revenue due to these queries made by GPT4free. Therefore, the use of GPT4free could be considered a violation of the terms of service of the sites involved.

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