6 games similar to Wordle

Surely you are one of the thousands of users who have played Wordle at some point, this game that has become viral in recent times. Well, there are alternatives that can also be fun for you and that we are going to present to you right now.

In October, Josh Wardle launched a game that involves guessing a five-letter word over several tries. Well, with this simplicity, both in terms of interface and concept, it has become viral and, therefore, a complete success, hooking millions of people.

The problem with this game is that it can only be played once a day, something that may also be part of its enormous success.

Well, if you like Wordle very much, but want to have the opportunity to play it for longer, there are other games that you will also find very interesting.

We will alternate between games for the computer and others prepared for our mobile devices.

hello wordl

This free game is the alternative that most closely resembles Wordle, but with certain differences that make it even more interesting, since you can play whenever you want and as many times as you want.

But hello wordl still gives another twist, since, if we are tired of playing with five-letter words, thanks to a slider at the top of the screen, we can modify this facet.

This means that we can play with words from 4 to 11 letters, so the fun is guaranteed, more than anything because we have options to do it differently, to be able to vary the game mechanics a bit.


That Nerdle is inspired by Wordle is undoubted, since it is extremely similar, except for a small or large detail, depending on where you want to see it. In this game numbers are used instead of words, something that already causes a quite substantial difference in our opinion.

The way to play is quite simple, it is not a plan to complicate things, the Nerdle developers must have thought. 

There are eight gaps in which we must fill with numbers from 0 to 9, in addition to incorporating symbols such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

As in Wordle you have to put the correct word, in Nerdle it is about putting the exact mathematical operation.

The color of the boxes indicates the numbers that are correct (green color), those that are in the operation, but not in their proper place (pink) and those that do not appear (grey) in the final result.

If at first we see that the game is too complicated for us, we can always click on settings and select mini Nerdle, which will make us have an operation of 6 instead of the eight with which it works normally.

Something that seems extremely interesting to us and that is to be appreciated, is that it has a mode for colorblind people.


It is a game that may seem even easy, since we do not have to put five, six or 11 letters to locate which word is being asked of us, but all we have to do is guess a letter, you read correctly, only one letter and done.

We can call Letterle a game where you don’t have to be as brainy and have as much concentration as in Wordle, depending a little more on luck or simply on your sense of intuition.

It doesn’t have much of a secret, since it’s about marking letters until you guess the one that the system considers to be the correct one. For many it may be too simple and for others it may be a liberation from Wordle, but the truth is that it can be a good way to pass the time.


Mastemind is a board game from the 70s where all you have to do is guess a sequence of four colors. 

For many, Wordle is based on this game, since it is practically the same, one with letters and the other with colors.

The operation is extremely similar in both, since in MasterMind, after an attempt, the user is told how many colors are well placed and how many are in the combination, but not in the place they should.

Obviously, we have a certain number of attempts to find the correct combination.

Electronic Master Mind

Many others have been derived from this game, even for Android, such as Electronic Master Mind, which differs in that, instead of a sequence of colors, we have to guess a numerical code.

The code can be of various figures, depending on the level that we have previously selected, that is, if we want it to be more or less complicated.

Depending on the character that we have entered in this way, it will indicate in green if the position in which it is is correct, to also indicate which numbers are incorrect because they do not appear in the code and those that, if they are present, but not in the place that we have marked.

Kitty Letter

This is a somewhat different game from the ones we’ve seen so far, but if you like Wordle, you’ll surely be hooked on this game. Some define it as a mixture of Scrabble and Crash Royale.

In Kiity Letter the letters will be armies of cats that are going to conquer the territory of the player we are facing.

This can be summed up in that we are facing a game that makes a Wordle space, be multiplayer, we face another person and as we guess, we will have to go to war.

It is clear that, if you were looking for a game that is less stressful than Wordle, Kitty Letter is not for you, although surely it has piqued your curiosity and you are going to try it.

No one can deny that it is not a very fun game that is currently available for mobile devices with Android and iOS operating systems.

If you are a Wordle lover, you will surely have a great time with the games that we have just seen today, since they are all of the same style, but with variants that make them original and fun at the same time.

Not everything is guessing words, but we also have colors, codes and even multiplayer warfare, can you ask for anything more?

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