6 crazy things you can do in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and they will be of great help

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild continues to surprise its community with new discoveries and secrets in its gameplay, which you will not see in any game tutorial. The creative freedom offered by the title is to be admired, because although other open world video game sagas also have their respective secrets in terms of game options, very few do it with the ingenuity of Link’s most recent adventure.

The legend of Zelda
The legend of Zelda

Released in 2017, in Nintendo switch,people have had several years to let their imaginations run wild, and to the surprise of many, the game responds very positively to this creativity. Many of the crazy things that we show you in this special were discovered shortly after debuting, but a new player always appears who puts an interesting twist on one or more mechanics. However, at the end of the day, all these techniques offer something equally: they make the game more fun.

List of 6 crazy things are down below

Ride a bear

Let’s start with perhaps the most well-known craze, but also one that the community asks about very often. If you are very far from a stable and you have a very long stretch that makes you lazy to walk, you can take a look around and ride a bear! You’ll need a slight boost in your stealth abilities (which you can get with food or an outfit) to sneak up behind him and try to climb onto his back. Riding wild creatures can be a challenge for some, it even became a challenge for speedrunners.

Create a catapult

Another trick discovered in the early months of the game. Breath of the Wild plays very well with its laws of physics, and a handy tool you can put together for your travels is a catapult. You will need three things to make it: a treasure chest, a long wooden board, and a large metal rock. Put the chest as the base and place the board on top of it, so that the chest divides the two ends of the board exactly in half. Finally, stand on the edge of one side to lower it with your weight, and release the rock on the other side. The higher you drop it, the higher you fly!

Repair rusted weapons with the help of an Octorok

You surely ignored those rusty weapons that you found lying around the world. However, this trick will allow you to return them to their glory days and all without spending a rupee. If you travel to the lands near Death Mountain you will find the Rock Octoroks, enemies that inhale their surroundings and attack you from a distance. As they prepare this attack, throw one of your Rusty Weapons at them to absorb it and it will return to you as fresh from the forge. Just remember to get out of the way of the attack because it will continue to hurt.

Whistle to catch fish

It may sound ridiculous but this madness not only works but will save you several minutes of fishing. This discovery was made by Charlieboy95 in 2019 and as you can see in the video, just by whistling while you are on top of a block of ice or a wooden box, the fish will flee scared to the shore of the river or lake, ready for you to collect. . Before this was discovered, people dropped bombs to speed up fishing; a massacre that can already be avoided.

Make chickens fight your enemies

Chickens have been the deadly enemies of The Legend of Zelda players for years, but this time you can use the aggressiveness of these creatures to your advantage. As the average fan of the series will know, if you hit one of them, a whole legion will come to defend it, but this is when you make your move: get close to any enemy – including bosses – and when the chickens begin their attack, stay away so they only stay with the enemies. The exact timing can be tricky, but you will get there with some practice.

Travel on rocks using the Rune of Immobility

The world of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is very large, and sometimes not even a bear can reduce the distances as we would like. However, as SpongeBob taught us in one episode, you can travel using rocks as a means of transportation. Once you have the Rune of Immobility you can store the kinetic energy of the objects while they remain in the same place. In other words, hit the rock several times to accumulate energy, and before it shoots through the skies, hold on to it. A very useful trick; just try not to bump into something on the way.

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