5 Plants that get rid of roaches at your home

In addition to get rid of roaches and other insects, these plants can help you enjoy a more colorful and fragrant kitchen, and keep spices on hand for everyday use.

Many plants are natural insect repellants, including cockroaches, which no one likes to see indoors. Whether it’s due to a strong odor or other substances, these plants can stay in your kitchen, living room, or planted around the house to help get rid of roaches away.

Plants that kill roaches and other insects


This flower is most effective when planted, not just in a pot of water after it has been cut. Therefore, keep chrysanthemums in the garden or in a pot indoors, as they release a substance that works as an insecticide.

This is an annual plant, so it must be replanted at the end of each one-year cycle. It likes full sun, but after budding it can stay indoors. Maintain frequent watering and don’t have to worry about fertilizing. This plant is useful for to get rid of roaches and other insects.


For humans, the smell of rosemary is very pleasant. But roaches don’t like it, so you can maintain your kitchen counter with a rosemary plant to repel these insects.

To plant, you can choose a rosemary from the fair or harvest it in a patio and put a branch to take root in the water, near the window. Change the water every day until small roots appear, then plant in a pot with soil from the garden. Go watering while the soil dries, letting the sun out for at least part of the day.


The delicious smell of basil will make your kitchen more fragrant. But, as it is a very strong smell for cockroaches and other insects, they will prefer to keep their distance.

The best time to plant basil is in summer, above 18 degrees. He likes to sunbathe a few hours a day, and the farmland must be fertile, like the garden. Keep the soil moist at all times, watering when the soil surface begins to dry out.


In the case of bay leaf, dried leaves are served, just as you use them in beans and other recipes. Separate some bay leaves in different parts of the house where cockroaches can enter, and leave them there so that they can flee when they smell the strong smell.

If you want to have the laurel in a kitchen vase, choose a vase that is at least 50 centimeters high. Lay out fertile soil and plant your seedling. The bay needs a maximum of four hours of sun a day, irrigation should be done when you feel that the land begins to dry out.


Mint: plant that get rid of roaches

A little mint in the kitchen or living room will leave your home fragrant and you will always have fresh leaves to make a good tea. But roaches will not like this idea at all. Peppermint has a very strong smell, making it one of the best natural repellants for cockroaches and other insects.

Your mint vase can stay in the kitchen, where it gets a lot of light, but the plant doesn’t need direct sunlight. He likes a lot of humidity, so he can water a little every day, taking care not to wet the soil. It can be in the same pot as other spices to grow at home.

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