10 things to do to protect from cyber attacks

The increasing frequency of cyber attacks necessitates a holistic approach that covers multiple aspects, integrated for efficiency.

Here are ten things you can do to increase your organization’s protection against such cyber risks:

  1. Carefully manage passwords and access rights. Don’t use weak passwords or reuse the same passwords across multiple services. Instead, start using multi-factor authentication (MFA) and ZeroTrust principles to minimize the impact of phishing and brute force attacks.
  2. Implement a strong data protection regime. Take frequent backups and test that they work.
  3. Implement programmatic and automated vulnerability scanning and patch management to ensure timely application of patches before attackers can exploit vulnerabilities.
  4. Implement anti-malware measures that they are able to identify new ransomware by their behavior.
  5. Increase your visibility across all assets. Create hardware and software inventory and process log files to know which pieces of data are stored in which cloud.
  6. Minimize the exposure of services that can be accessed from the Internet. For example, restrict access to Exchange and RDP servers. 
  7. Use an email security solution that can filter malicious and phishing emails before they reach a user’s inbox. 
  8. Carry out a training program security awareness so not everyone falls for every phishing email.
  9. Segment your internal networks to make it difficult for the attacker to move laterally.
  10. Have an incident response program and train it so it knows what to do during an actual incident.

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