Windows 11 already has a preview of the final version and we can download new ISO for clean installations

Less than two weeks before the official release of Windows 11, one that so far is scheduled for next October 5, 2021, and is why Microsoft has released the first version of the system to the channel Release Preview of the Insider Program is the pre-release version or “preview version”.

This means that the development of Windows 11 is in its final stretch, and it is the first time that the update has been sent to a channel outside of beta and development. Unlike the latter two, the preview channel is the only one supported by the Insider Program for Business, and it ‘s basically a way to get the final version of Windows 11 before it’s released to everyone.

New images for clean installations

The company has also published ISO images of this new version of Windows 11 for those who want to do a clean installation. This is Build 22000.194 that was released on September 16 in the Beta channel for users, and in the preliminary version channel for commercial computers.

Windows 11 Installation new ISO
Windows 11 Installation

It was not until September 23 that that same build began to be offered for the first time as an optional update for all Insiders of the preview channel, that is, those who are still on Windows 10.

Those who are already using this build, most likely will not see any major changes in the system compared to the final version, except for the correction of a list of known problems, there are no major changes to highlight.

This version already has the new versions of applications such as Photos, Calculator, Clippings, and Clock ( with Spotify concentration sessions ). However, there are still many users on the same Beta channel who have not received the updated versions of Mail and Calendar, so they will also be missed in the Release Preview.

Despite being so close to the expected day, in Windows 11 there are some elements in a somewhat disastrous state, and while development has advanced enough for Microsoft to release the first preview version before the final one, there are still many left. things to polish. The question is, how much will they achieve in less than two weeks?

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