Windjammers 2 Announces Coming to Xbox Game Pass Launch

One of the great classics of the 90s is about to return with a second installment that has generated enormous expectations among fans of the original. We are talking about Windjammers 2, the Neo-Geo title that consists of competing against users in the fun discipline of throwing a flying disc in order to get more points than the rival.

Now Windjammers 2 announces its arrival to Xbox Game Pass at launch, as the developer studio Dotemu has announced in a new trailer in which it has also taken the opportunity to present two new characters that will be part of the cast of the video game.

As you can see, the Windjammers 2 trailer introduces the Chinese Sammy Ho and returns to welcome the Spanish Jordi Costa. However, the most important part of the video is saved for the end, where Xbox is announced as an additional launch platform and it is confirmed that the new Dotemu will land directly from launch on Xbox Game Pass, although the release date has not yet been specified. Likewise, the French developer has taken the opportunity to ensure that there will be crossplay between the Xbox and PC versions, which will allow there to be a larger pool of users and that finding games is much more agile.

We don’t have a final release date for Windjammers 2 right now, but Xbox players can rest assured. And not only because the version for Microsoft consoles has finally been announced, but because they can enjoy it from day one at no additional cost if they are subscribers of the Xbox Game Pass service. Now we just have to wait for Dotemu to get us out of doubt with the release date.

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