WhatsApp for iPad is confirmed and works on its multi-device mode

WhatsApp finally confirms that it is working in a multi-device mode. And that will allow WhatsApp for iPad a version will be soon available. For this, from the Facebook subsidiary they assure that they have had to face a great technical challenge that they have overcome.

WhatsApp for iPad on the horizon

WABetaInfo, the website specialized in advancing news about the messaging app, was able to interview its CEO Will Cathcart and also Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, through WhatsApp. Thanks to this interaction, we learned several very relevant things about the version of WhatsApp for iPad :

  • The public beta of WhatsApp will incorporate a multi-device version in the next 2 months.
  • Up to 4 devices are allowed with the same WhatsApp account.
  • The main device does not need to have an internet connection.
  • They are working on a version of WhatsApp for iPad, which will come later.

Synchronization between devices was the real roadblock for the company. Especially when the iPhone, the device on which the service is registered, ran out of battery or was turned off. WhatsApp claims that they have found an “elegant” solution to the problem, which is the “best solution out there.”

The iPad version has been waiting for many years. And from time to time clues about tests appear in WhatsApp betas, but they never materialize.

No trace of the version for Apple Watch

WhatsApp for iPad

Of all the conversation between the executives and the WABetaInfo blogger there is no trace of an Apple Watch version. The Apple watch celebrates six years on the market this year, without WhatsApp or Facebook having confirmed a version for the apple watch. A highly criticized aspect among the users of the messaging app.

The current Apple Watch experience leaves a lot to be desired. It is limited to allowing the arrival of notifications and responding to them individually. Siri can also be used to send messages, but the rest of the interactions as well as the reception of photos and videos are limited by not having its own app.

And it is that the app has never been known for its speed when it comes to adding or adopting new functions. For example, it took more than six months for dark mode to arrive on the iPhone after the landing of the native API in iOS 13.

After several feints, it now seems that we are going to move in the right direction. WhatsApp will support four devices when it deploys its multi- device mode, which could well host an iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch. Hopefully this possibility will finally be added as soon as possible.

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