What can we expect from Apple’s WWDC 2021 this Monday, June 7

This Monday, June 7, WWDC 2021 starts, which will last all week. During the inaugural keynote, Apple will unveil its software roadmap for the next 12 months. In addition to this, other surprises are also expected, such as hardware and other things that we do not expect.

We review all this three days before the most important presentation for Apple developers. The same one that will renew the soul of our devices and update them for a whole year.

WWDC 2021: what can we expect

New iOS 15, macOS 12 and other operating systems

Unlike what has happened on other occasions, this WWDC has not suffered major leaks. Last year a previous version of iOS 14 leaked that revealed a lot of information about the system, which was later confirmed during the corresponding WWDC. That was not the case in 2021, where we went to WWDC almost blindly.

Much of the prominence will be taken by iOS 15, without a doubt. Very specific things are known about this new version of the iPhone software:

iOS 15, apple wwdc 2021
iOS 15
  • Choice of the type of notifications according to new states, such as driving, working or sleeping as well as other customizable ones.
  • The lock screen will also adapt to these new states.
  • Improvements in privacy functions with a specific menu of the data used by the apps.
  • A meal log to track a diet.
  • An improvement of the dark mode, although without specifying in which direction.

As for macOS 12, we can expect the obvious improvements in iPad apps running on Mac with Apple Silicon chip. And also specific functions for these models, since it is the first version of macOS developed with Mac Apple Silicon on the street.

MacOs 12
MacOs 12

One of the most repeated questions is the name that will accompany macOS 12. Mammoth and Monterey are two of the candidates, both are icons of California geography (the first a lake and the second a Big Sur region). Apparently Apple has already registered both names recently.

As for the rest of the operating systems, no further details are known. watchOS 8 and tvOS 15 have gone unnoticed in the world of leaks. As for iPadOS 15, the arrival of widgets is expected, being able to place them on any side of the screen.

Will there be a new homeOS?


In recent days, a new operating system called homeOS has emerged, leaked in a job offer from Apple. The mention was quickly removed from the offer, but it was long enough for Technoeager to echo. This leads us to speculate on a HomeKit relaunch and Apple’s home automation effort.

This sector has been moving a lot in recent years, with Apple being part of a great coalition of home automation platforms and manufacturers. At the same time, those in Cupertino have added the Thread protocol to the HomePod mini and Apple TV 4K. It is very possible that this WWDC 2021 we will see something about it.

The most rumored Apple hardware

The hardware also aspires to have a site at this WWDC 2021. Developer conferences are not the usual place to introduce new equipment. But it’s not unusual for Apple to do so, to the point of introducing loads of them like it did in 2017.

The clearest candidate to be unveiled is the new 2021 MacBook Pro. It would come in two sizes of 14 and 16 inches and it would incorporate a new design with more ports, HDMI, SD card reader and a version of MagSafe at the same time that it gets rid of the Touch Bar. There are several rumors that point to its presentation in the WWDC. Although there are also others that place them this fall.

There are other products in the pools, although they have not been placed in WWDC 2021. One of them is the new redesigned MacBook Air and also another redesigned Mac mini. For now, we shouldn’t rule out a small role for hardware at Apple’s WWDC. After all, we are about to turn a year since the announcement of the transition to Apple Silicon and a conference full of developers is the best time.

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